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New carriage kit MA8525 for METRA_FLEX sliding door outside along the wall

The new carriages MA8525 for METRA-FLEX sliding doors outside along the wall will be available on stock.

Technical/commercial information

- Load capacity: 80 kg for the pair of carriages

- Utilisation: designed for the use outside application such shutters and solar shading (Sun blades)

- Materials:

Carriage body and stop made of nylon

Bearing, fixing bracket and screws in stainless steel

- Adjustment: adjustable stop for an exact adjustment of the retaining forces

- Movement: silent and linear sliding action thanks to the nylon wheels and the self-centring profile

- List price: 46,80 €/kit

The former carriages MA5747 have been downgraded to class E and will be available as long as stock lasts.

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