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Update catalogue Windows for curtain walls

Update of the catalogue WINDOWS FOR CURTAIN WALLS

The update includes:


- Updated sashes NC6473- NC6475- NC6477- NC6479- NC6480- NC6511

- Modified cutting list for the sashes NC6477- NC6511


- The rabbet gasket MG669D was replaced by the gasket MG790D

- Replacement of the vulcanized corner MA4184 by MA7877

- Replacement of Cost for vulcanized frame joint MA4185 by MA7876

- Existing punching machine must be updated to (for the machining of the new sashes)

- New cutting units ( U2845 – MU2846 – MU2847 – MU2848 – MU2849 – MU2850 ) to use with the power groups MU2800 – MU2822.

The old accessories will be downgraded to class E and will be available as long as stocks last.

The updated catalogue is available on the METRA Web Edilizia area.

The calculations and estimation software has been updated.

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