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Technical update sheets

New profiles of the WINDOWS FOR CURTAIN WALLS series

The attached technical sheets introduce a new technical solution: frame (NC6594) and sash (NC6597) that allow the realisation of top-hung windows with a glass thickness from 44 mm to 54 mm.

Specific accessories:

- MA7871: Glass shimming base

- MA7873: Glass shimming base

- MA7874: Vulcanised corner for MG788

- MA788E: Insulating spacer gasket

The accessories and the profiles are available on stock.

N.B. I The new profiles can only be machined by the new cutting units presented on circular MDCE17_021 from March,24 2017.

They cannot be machined by the punching machine MU2061 or MU2061.1.

The updates for the software programmes will be available with the next update.

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