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Update METRA Essence handles

From the next weeks on the new Metra Essence lift-and-slide handles will be available.

With their unmodified design, the new handles are more competitive from the economic point of view with technical advantages:

  • Stop optimization through a bearing ball

  • Additional insert made of resin for the grip of the square spindle in order to increase the performance during utilisation

  • More flexibility regarding the finishes by removing and painting of the components in view

  • Provision of additional holes on the device for the eventual fixing with self-tapping screws to ensure greater stability and tightness

  • Competitive price:the various finishes and models of the new lift-and-slide handles will have a 10 % price reduction compared to the former handles

Please follow the link below to download the conversion chart between the expiring and the new items with indication of the new price list :

AVAILABILITY: The new handles will be available in the main finishes within the end of year, anyway the change will happen after the sale of all stocks for each finish of the former handles.

The catalogue has been updated.

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