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The catalogue and the productflyer of the new series METRA FLY SCREEN SYSTEM are available on the METRA Web area and on METRA Doc.

The new METRA FLY SCREEN SYSTEM: elegant and in line with the new METRA systems. The new solution has been designed to be perfectly integrated into the METRA systems entering the domestic environment with style and functionality due to different design solutions. The system can be applied externally to our casement systems, with fixed solutions, and to our sliding systems with traditional sliding solutions or hanging solutions without bottom track. A careful research in order create a furniture complement that protects your home from insects without giving up on brightness and the design guaranteed by METRA.

The new series will be available on stock (profiles and accessories) from week 23/2018.

EQUIPMENT: all shearing units are available on stock, except for MU2865 and MU2888 which will be available on stock from week 30/2018.

The estimation and calculation software is currently being updated.

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