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New series NC65STH HES-DS

The catalogue of the new series NC65STH HES-DS is available.

The new series enables the fabrication of doors with one or more vents, inward or outward opening, and eventual fixed lights and opening parts. Please find below the sections of the new system, with the use of MH2 hinges or the new MF2 mortise hinges, specific for the new series.


Solution with frontal MH2 hinges

Solution with the new MF2 mortise hinges

Solution with the new MF2 mortise hinges: The new METRA MF2 mortise hinges for the new series NC65STH HES-DS introduce advantages from the technical as well as from the commercial point of view, as compared to the former version for the series NC65STH DOORS:

  • Easier installation: the new mortise hinges do not need any counterplate. Therefore, the installation is easier and quicker

  • More captivating position on the market: no need for the counterplate and the careful technical studies allow an important list price reduction for the new MF2 mortise hinges, as compared to the hinges of the former door series.

Achieved thermal insulation performance:

Regarding the High Energy Saving, also the new series NC65STH HES DS has been designed to achieve top thermal performance in the category.Find below the compared values of the former and the new series:


  • NC65STH HES-DS: profiles and accessories available on stock within January 2019


According to the catalogue, the necessary equipment for the machining of the new door series are the following:

  • MU2802.2 **

  • MU2805.2 **

  • MU2806

  • MU2812.1

  • MU2835

Customers who have purchased the shearing units MU2802 – MU2802.1 – MU2805 – MU2805.1 during the last years, have to proceed with the updating to the latest version (.2) for the machining of the new door series NC65STH HES-DS (regarding the shearing unit MU2812.1, the new door series can be machined also with the former version MU2812).

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