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New technical updates

Introduction of a new mortise hinge for casement doors for casement systems with 21 mm hardware groove.

Due to a modification of the internal components, the new hinge allows an easier 3-direction adjustment:

- Side +2/-2 mm

- Height +4 mm

- Pressure +0.5/-0.5 mm

The new hinge MA7687 will be available on stock from week 05/2020.

The striker MA7798 has been replaced by the new item MA2795, included in various items of the MR540I and MR DESIGNO hardware.

The new striker allows an improved aesthetical solution due the versatility on all possible solutions.

The new striker MA2795 is available on stock. The updated kits will be available from week 05/2020

The profiles NC15618, NC17618 and NC13618 have been modified in order to house the new angular kit MA7224 in replacement of item MA7214, transversal for all systems.

For the correct housing of the fixing corners MA7224, on the non-modified sill profile the legs must be removed over a length of 150 mm.

The new solution with the stainless steel angular allows a considerably reinforced fixing.

The modified profiles and the the new accessory MA7224 will be available from week 06/2020,

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