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New METRA Drive Smart catalogue

New motorised system for lifting-sliding

METRA Drive Smart is the new motorised system for lifting-sliding systems that allows you to conveniently open and close the systems at the touch of a button.

An innovative solution for lifting and sliding systems with two or four sashes.

Clean and elegant design

The METRA Smart Drive push-button panel is perfect for modern lifting-sliding systems, completing your home with a touch of design. Thanks to the insertion of the totally concealed lifting motor your sliding systems will be totally clean.

Higher comfort for a Smart home

Equipped with a fully automatic motor, the movement of these lifting-sliding doors is possible through the use of a simple button or thanks to the application for smartphones and tablets. This allows you to constantly monitor the ventilation of your home and manage the air exchange.

Motorised start of micro-ventilation, with automatic timer to close the door and window. A totally safe system thanks also to the electronic anti-crushing protection

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