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New concealed hinges – NC 65/75 STH HES DS/DL

Introduction of new concealed door hinges:

  • MA7725 for the NC 65/75 STH HES DS systems – inward and outward opening

  • MA7726 for the NC 65/75 STH HES DL inward opening

MA7725 maximum opening 180°

MA7726 maximum opening 105°

The new hinges will be available from week 21/2020.


New accessory – NC 65/75/90 STH HES WS - NC-S150/170 STH HES

New MA0225 finishing cap for reinforcement profile NC14338.

The cap made of aluminium will be available on stock raw or silver oxidized.

The fixing screws for the cap are included in the package.

The accessory MA0225 will be available on stock from week 23/2020..

New profile - NC-S 170 STH HES

Introduction of the new transom NC14528 for sashes.

The profile can be used for all solutions.

The profile NC14528 is available on stock.

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