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The new MF2 mortise hinges are now available in a version with counter plates that can be used for DS coplanar and DL overlap doors. The new hinges have been designed for the following systems:

  • NC65STH HES DS Internal and external opening

  • NC65STH HES DL Internal opening

  • NC75STH HES DS Internal and external opening

  • NC75STH HES DL Internal opening

Available on stock

Updated the technical catalogue POSA CLIMA HES with the introduction of the following articles:

  • MT4537L300 Small lower transom 20X45 3.00 m bars

  • MT4538 150mm Turbo screw

  • MT4539 MF 20 X 6/15mm Hannoband MF 20 X 6/15mm multi-function expansion tape

  • MT4540 F-Polymer 25 transparent sealant – 300 ml

  • MT4541 Extra strong white high tack adhesive – 290 ml

  • MT5062L300 Klima PRO 25X57 counterframe – 3 m bars (available from mid-November)

  • MT5080L300 Klima PRO SMALL 49X71,5 - 3 m bars

  • MT5081L300 Klima PRO X SMALL 49X61,5 - 3 m bars

  • MT5082L300 Klima PRO MEDIUM 49X116 counterframe 3 mbars

  • MT5083L300 PRO LARGE 49X140 Klima PRO LARGE counterframe - 3 m bars

  • MT5085 Connection bracket for small lower transom

  • MT5086 L-plaster bearing profile for external thermal insulation coating - 2.6 m bars (available from mid-November)

  • MT5087 L-plaster bearingprofile for internal or external plaster - 2.6 m bars (available from mid-November)

  • MT5088L300 Klima PRO 49X57 counterframe - 3mt bars (available from mid-November)

The catalogue is available in Italian only, English version will be updated soon

NC 65/75/90 STH HES

A new cap kit, MA7186, has been developed for the transom alignment.

The caps inserted in the upper and lower part of the transom allow a correct alignment with the frame. The solution with cap kit MA7186 is an alternative to the solution with corner cleat MA2810 in the 90° joints of the transoms.

Available on stock


Introduced the new frame NC15929 for the NC 65 STH HES system with external reinforcement for ribbon windows.

Available on stock



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