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The new lifting sliding hardware signed Metra Building allows the movement of sashes up to 600 kg.

The new METRA locks with built-in latch for MGU devices, MA0260 - MA0261 - MA0262 - MA0263 and the respectiveMA0227lockextension, ensure a more aesthetically linear solution in complete safety with no protruding parts, preventing accidental contacts.

The new "Lift Unit" accessories in the catalogue favour the sash lifting:

MA0257 Standard for sash weight up to 300 kg

MA0258 Heavy for sash weight up to 600 kg. Available on stock

They provide for quick and easy assembly with the use of pre-assembled components and allow the door drive force to be reduced by up to 50%.

The new damper MA0259 accompanies the closing of the handle avoiding abrupt movements during the opening/closing of the window.



The actual MGU locks (MA9051.A/E, MA9052.A/E, MA9053.A/E and MA9054.A/E) and the MHA lifting sliding devices (MA0154, MA0155.A/E, MA0172, MA0182, MA0185, MA0190, MA0193, MA0194.A/E, MA0195.A/E, MA0196.A/E, MA0197.A/E, MA9105, MA9106, MA9107, MA9108, MA9117.910/E, MA9118) will be available while stocks last.

The new MA0131 stainless-steel closing catch for the system NC-S 150 STH HES and MA0132 for the system NC-S 170 STH HES have been introduced as an alternative to the closing catches MA0198 and MA0199 made of zamak.

The new stainless-steel closing catches are suitable for use in areas with a strong corrosive action by atmospheric agents).

Available the new milling groups MU0203 for NC-S 150 STH HES and MU0204 for NC-S 170 STH HES for the butting of the vertical profile for the 90° assembly of the 40 mm interlock solution.

New solution with flush grip for a clean and minimal design.

MA0276 - Flush grip with concealed lever for sashes with a weight up to 300 kg.

MA2991 - External flush grip for MA0276.

This solution is an alternative to the existing MA2989 handle with external flush grip

Available on stock

The METRA Building original accessories are designed to guarantee maximum performance even in large sizes and with heavy weights, while maintaining perfect smoothness and ease of use.

With reference to the latest technical product innovations, we have created the new technical catalogues for lifting sliding systems NC-S 150/170 STH HES.

All the previous update sheets have been included in the new catalogues which are now available for download

Within the METRA Web Edilizia area, the interface for consulting standards and certificates has been modified.

The section has been updated and made functional to adapt to all platforms, both desktop and mobile.

An instant preview of the document cover is now available, followed by a browsable version that can be consulted before downloading.


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