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METRA Building presents the new COMPACT lifting and sliding system for the NC-S 150 STH HES and NC-S 170 STH HES series.

A system that complements the existing ones, made with a reduced sash that limits the frontal dimensions to 87 mm, and locks with built-in latch for lifting equipment with maximum capacity up to 200 kg.

Ideal for medium-sized sliding doors

Profiles and accessories available on stock.



The ideal automation for comfort and convenience without sacrificing design.

The ultra-compact automated solution for Click!Slide sliding shutters allows you to close your shutters at the push of a button inside your home.

We give space to comfort: no more cold, rain and wind in winter or heat in summer.

The automation can be applied to sliding shutters with a maximum weight of 80 kg or 180 kg and is available in the following types:

- 1 sash on 1 track

- 2 sashes on 1 track - With simultaneous opposite opening of the leaves

- 2 sashes on 1 track - With differentiated opposite opening of the doors

- 2 or 3 leaves stackable on 2 or 3 tracks

Equipped with an automatic movement control unit that can be fully integrated with all home automation systems, this automation allows partial or intermediate closure of the leaf with a simple click and complies with safety requirements in the event of impact.

The technical catalogue has been completed with the introduction of the new METRA Building NC 90 STH HES DS DL door panels.

The new panels have a thickness of 95 mm for the DS line and 105 mm for the DL line.

The new catalogue has been completed with the update of the fixing kits for the handles of the new series and with the introduction of the special technical sheet containing information about drilling and assembly of the kits for all the series.

To complete the documentation, the relevant order forms for milled panels have been updated, with the addition of the NC 90 STH HES DS DL system, and the relevant price lists with the introduction of the prices of the new products and the updating of the existing ones.

The price list will be valid from Tuesday 6 April.

News also for the NC-S150I and AELLE-S 190 STH series!

Now you can benefit from all the advantages of the new hardware in the

in the NC-S 150/170 STH HES series:

  • New locks with built-in latch have been added for a more aesthetically linear solution and complete security.

  • The new "Lift Unit" accessories have been introduced to facilitate the lifting of the sash and provide for simple and quick assembly using pre-assembled components;

  • Introduced the damper that accompanies the closing of the handle avoiding sudden movements during the opening/closing of the window;

  • A new stainless-steel striker has been added in addition to the zamak striker, which is suitable for the use in areas subject to strong corrosion by atmospheric agents;

New solution with concealed handle in favour of an increasingly minimalist design.

Accessories available on stock


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