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The new POLIEDRA SKY 35 LUX product of the "curtain walls" family is now available.

The new METRA Building system has been studied for applications with a great visual and aesthetic impact, becoming the protagonist of projects and living solutions able to make living areas and spaces brighter and more welcoming

Profiles and accessories available in stock.

Introduced the integrated drainage system that allows to create, through profiles and accessories, a water collection and drainage system embedded in the floor. Integrated with the main sliding and casement systems METRA Building can be combined with different types of solutions.

Profiles and accessories available in stock.

For the family of METRA Building Shading Systems, a catalogue of the Louvres system has been developed and is already available for consultation. This system makes it possible to create ventilation grilles with various types of fixed slats, in the substructure version or in the version with a fixed frame.

Profiles and accessories available in stock.

The METRA Building shutter catalogue has been updated with the introduction of the new handle MA2921, the cylinder cover MA0962 and the square spindle MA2970, which will replace the handle MA3477 with integrated frame and the cylinder cover striker MA3530.

The accessories MA3766D and MA3766S for the NC0908 frame have been merged into a single ambidextrous solution and replaced by the article MA3766.

This and all the updates published in the appendix have been integrated into the catalogue

Profiles and accessories available in stock.

The new MS2751 lock can now be used for casement doors with 104 mm oversized sashes. It is an all stainless-steel solution with excellent resistance to opening and closing cycles.

The new MS2751 lock does not require the MA2770 locking rod connection kit, and requires new machining for application.

The new lock is only suitable for the new sashes shown in the table below, which are already available in stock.

The new sashes maintain the same internal and external corner cleats as

the previous ones, but require a new MA0203 alignment corner cleat in

replacement of MA2811 or MA7187.

For the machining of the new sashes for the NC 65 HES WS-P16,

NC 75 HES WS-P16 and NC 90 HES WS series it will be necessary to

update the MU2807 shearing unit for sash ventilation with the MU2907

accessory or to use the updated MU2807.1 cutting unit directly.

This and all updates published in the appendix have been integrated into

the following catalogues:

NC 65 HES WS - P16 - WX

NC 75 HES WS -P16 - WX


Profiles and accessories available in stock.


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