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METRA Building presents the new NC-S 120 HES LUX series, the sliding door of the Minimal line: a restyling of the NC-S 120 STH SLIM series from which it differs in a clean design unified with the NC-S 175 HES LUX series

Ideal for residential and commercial building projects, it meets the needs of both modern and contemporary contexts as well as more classic and elegant ones, offering a product that is practically eternal, technologically advanced and easy to handle and use..

The NC-S 120 HES LUX series comes with an innovative handle that is perfectly integrated into the sash, combining minimalist design with ease of opening.

The new solution with the reinforced increased side sash also allows the use of a 3-hook lock controlled by a through cylinder. This new opening allows the sliding door to be closed from outside and is a perfect solution for both residential housing and commercial building industry projects..

High security standards and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation performance are achieved: thermal cutting, double or triple glazing allow for a consistent reduction in heat loss.

The NC-S 120 HES LUX sliding system adapts to any type of space and is available in various construction options: from 2 to 6 leaves on two or three tracks, and the possibility also to join two sliding doors by forming a 90° angle.

Recessing the threshold into the floor allows easy access between outside and inside. The large glass surfaces, with their minimalist architectural design, have significantly reduced visible sections, bringing the outdoors into the interior of the rooms.

The many finishing options available make aluminium windows and doors a product that can be customised to meet the specific needs of each customer. Moreover, aluminium, unlike other materials, is totally recyclable at the end of its life, making it the best solution in terms of eco-sustainability: great performance and minimal environmental impact.

Calculation software already available

Commercialisation already available.

English version coming soon

A space-saving solution particularly suitable for spaces where internal and external environments merge, such as living areas with gardens and terraces, the NC-S 75 HES FD | Folding Door series features folding sliding sashes that can be folded back on top of each other. The extremely smooth passage and wide opening increase comfort while maximising the entry of natural light and the use of space. Excellent thermic and acoustic insulation performance and perfect resistance to external agents.

Each individual sash can be made up to 1,200 mm in width and up to 3,000 mm in height, allowing the series to be used for large wall compartments. In fact, doors up to 7 sashes can be realised, with inward or outward opening.

Optimum movement is ensured by the stainless-steel sliding track and high-quality, low-maintenance and long-lasting accessories.

Calculation software already available

Commercialisation starts from March 2024


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