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NC-S 175 HES LUX, the new minimalist METRA Building sliding door designed for large sliding doors that provides maximum brightness and transparency with excellent thermal performance.

The profiles and accessories for the new NC-S 175 HES LUX system in the "Sliding windows and doors" family can be ordered from March

Profiles and accessories available from stock from week 14.

The new product THEATRON JULIET BALCONY from the "Systems for Balconies" family is now available.

The new minimalist METRA Building system has a completely transparent glass structure and allows for maximum brightness and an unobstructed view to the outside.

Designed for residential and commercial applications

Technical features:

▪ Profiles with 50 mm front view and 45 mm depth

▪ Version with glazing beams

▪ 17.5, 21.5 or 25.5 mm glass panes

▪ Maximum load 1 or 2 or 3 kN/m depending on the glass used

Profiles and accessories available from stock.

The new machining catalogue for all METRA Building shearing units is now available.

This catalogue summarises the modularity of our systems and the transversal use of shearing units.


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